More Anonymity

I am a woman in my late 20s. I’ve somehow managed a healthy and happy marriage, a wonderful child, and a network of really supportive and great friends while still keeping in touch with my dysfunctional but close families. I’m currently headed back to school to begin a new career.

I like to ponder, brood, read and imagine. I try too hard to please people. I have a fair amount of scars, some of which have healed better than others. My little hope machine never quits working, even when I hit it repeatedly with the sledgehammer of my brain. I have about 4 different ideal lives, and trying to live little pieces of each of them keeps me busier than I should be. I am a terrible judge of my own limits.

I write this blog so that I can step back and refine pieces of my life. Sharing them with all of the interwebs means I have to be clearer and more disciplined than I would be if I wrote it for myself, and I think it’s nice to have my deeper self out there and participating in life. I’m pretty transparent in everyday life, but in so many contexts and relationships that isn’t safe, and it’s a relief to have some place to be myself.


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    SSS said,

    It has just occurred to me that “anonymousk” is how Popeye would say “anonymous.”

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