A Light Snack

So, most appropriately, I have been thinking on the word for the year, nourish. And let me tell you, I think I picked a winner. It seems to be the golden ticket. I have made a few small steps towards nourishing myself, and I thought I would post them here in my little online diary…

1. Realized that the ticket to feeling better about myself, and therefore handling stress in ways other than shoving food in my mouth, is working out. Maybe other people need some other step first, but working out has to be my number one. So the more I make it to the gym, or even just do some yoga and push ups in the living room, the better I feel and the better choices I am able to make.

2. At least looking at the last semester, school is really not good for me, mentally or physically. This is not the same as not being good at school, which I am. I think that a lot of my poor eating choices are about being stressed at school, not to mention chronically sleep deprived (clinically proven to increase sugar cravings, in addition to my complete inability to get caffeine any way but soda) and arriving home at 6:30 and trying to feed myself and my boys. So I am trying to really look at what I can do differently this semester to change that dynamic.

3. I realize that we live in a self-help, empower yourself nation, so this may be blasphemy, but here it is: there are times when it is not possible to do everything well at once. Last semester, it was not possible for me to work out and study and be a mother and a wife to the extent that I wanted to. All of those things happened to varying degrees, but I think I can look back and say I was really just doing the best that I could with what I had at the time. This semester, I think I am more comfortable with being in class, am already getting more sleep (thank GOD!!!! Pediasure, you are my favorite friend!) and have friends and study partners and routines in place. All of that had to be built from the ground up last semester, and I am hoping that I can take that energy and expend it at the gym.

4. I have to feed myself as a creative person. NEWSFLASH! I know. But I was so drained and dried up in that area and now that there is no pressure and no performance dates and no endless emails and personality management crises…. I am feeling some small faint stirrings there. I am reading books. I bought myself some new music with my shiny iTunes gift cards. It is very nice to feel excited and interested in something again, even though that is as far as I have gotten. I feel like if I keep doing this then eventually I will have something to give again. Have some energy to create something new. And no, I really do not even mean a child. Dear Lord.

5. I bought myself some new work out clothes, which I didn’t even realize that I completely needed but man! Those sports bras! They are really something! So I feel better about myself before I even get to the gym, which also helps.

6. Tomorrow I am going to go through my closet and do a big purge. And then I am going to make some strategic lists. And then I am going shopping (probably not all tomorrow). And then, I am going to lose some weight and look super cute and do it all over again. Because I can.


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    Emily said,

    So positive, good start to the year! For food – we did one of those stores where you prep a bunch of meals and stick them in the freezer. Then you are still cooking, but you don’t have to think about getting all the ingredients at the store and planning it out, it was already done. We did it after Elijah was born for a few months (then the store near us closed, otherwise we might still be doing it). It wasn’t that expensive either.

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