Debuting The Word 2009

I have been thinking about my intention for the next year, about my life and what is working and what isn’t, about what I hope and dream for my family. It gets kind of complicated and bogged down and so I think that the one little word concept is pretty brilliant. I gather that the word is often a private sort of thing, like some resolutions, but I suspect that I am going to have a hard time remembering my word and so I am sharing it with all of you as a measure of accountability and also in hopes of receiving your support.

The word for 2009:


1. to experience with joy; take pleasure in: He enjoys Chinese food.
2. to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of: He enjoys an excellent income from his trust funds.
3. to find or experience pleasure for (oneself): She seems to enjoy herself at everything she does.
4. to undergo (an improvement): Automobile manufacturers have enjoyed a six-percent rise in sales over the past month.
5. to have intercourse with.

1350–1400; ME enjoyen to make joyful < OF enjoier to give joy to. See en- 1 , joy

Now, I will admit that I am as surprised as anyone to see the fifth definition there, but I’m not going to argue with If that’s what they say, then it must be true and I should do my best to incorporate that into 2009 as well. Heh heh heh.

My life is full of so many good things, so many wonderful blessings and treasures and honest to goodness luck. Like all sorts of people, I sometimes forget this, and get distracted and discouraged and beaten down by the minutiae and network news and heaping piles of dirty dishes. What I’ve also realized is that I have a terrible habit of handing my happiness away. If someone around me is upset or unhappy or distressed, I take it one step past empathy and become that way myself too, because surely being happy or enjoying yourself while anyone around you isn’t must be against the rules. (See also: Codependency 101)

The problem is that I’ve developed this habit of continuing to be unhappy, or being unhappy in disproportion to the problem at hand, to prove to myself or God or whoever that I really care, that I am taking things SO. VERY. SERIOUSLY. Surely even if I mess it up I will get credit for being so worked up about it, right? Even if I fail, the stomach ulcer will prove that I really really tried, right?

My godmother (in the protestant sense) gave BabyK a book that I looooved to read as a child: Scuffy the Tugboat. Inside she wrote this message: “This book reminds me of Philippians 4:11b, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” If the apostle Paul could do it (and felt that it was worth doing) then surely it must be permissible for the average janes out there too. How can I teach this to BabyK when I model discontentment so often? How can I really cherish and be present for all the discoveries and milestones of his life if I never let myself enjoy them?

Wrapped up in this word is relaxation, letting go, forgiving, permission, presence, and simplicity. Life is very short and it moves very fast, and my suffering isn’t making anyone else’s life any better. So I am going to learn how to enjoy myself, to find satisfaction and improvement (and maybe even intercourse -*gasp*) in the wonderful life I already lead.

Anyone else have a word they’d like to share? Maybe we can encourage each other.


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    […] You might recall that 2010 was the year of “nourish”, and that 2009 was all about “enjoying”. I don’t know that I would say I have been fully successful in these endeavors, because […]

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