A little upper

Just in case you were having a bad day – like, for instance, you are pregnant and have a cold and woke up to a sick spouse who naturally YELLS at everyone that he hates them whenever he is feeling a little under the weather and can not describe any of his symptoms except, “I feel hot” even when his skin is cool to the touch and then begs you to stay home so he can alternately cuddle you and push you away because you make him too hot and you leave this particular circle of hell to drag yourself to the office and then have a meeting with someone downtown where it is now raining and you step in a giant puddle and then spend some time fighting the post-lunch slump with a wet shoe and cold toes, knowing you will not be home until after 7:00 p.m. and then your mother will probably want to stop by and pick up this thing for someone’s wedding who you don’t even know but which they must have RIGHT NOW, as evidenced by her knocking on your door after you have already gone to bed last night…

then maybe you should read a story on a blog about someone passing out from pooping. I did and I think it was very beneficial to my day.

Thank you, Dooce.


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